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Coco can never die. Too many clones

:bulletred:This account is Invader Zim fandom focused. Now and then I might upload an original work or two, but my love for IZ will never die so no worries. =u=

:bulletred: I am NOT a purist and do not follow typical rules. <D I respect some people are hardcore fans and follow everything strictly, but, I don't. Just a heads up.

:bulletred: I have a raunchy, dark, cynical, and morbid sense of humor. If you're easily offended by foul language, violence, sexual themes, nudity, and anything in that category you might not enjoy it here. .A.

:bulletred: This page is for fun - I love drawing and all but I am nowhere near as serious as the rest of the population around the site. I'm surrounded by some seriously amazing talent. ;u; Just keep that in mind that this is a hobby, and not my future career.

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I had this floating around and figured I'd put it up while I'm trying to break my dead art mood.

General Sval, literally my only loyalist character. 6 - 6 He's old, but hey you know how them Irken genetics keep em' lookin' good forever right? sob

Sval is pretty significant in Korr's AND Jasper's past, considering General is the only class that outranks Elites, in my head canon at least. I know a lot of people say Elite is top of the top. Sval commands the front line attacks on most planets, conducting campaigns that consist of years at a time while taking a planet by siege depending on how primitive or complex the society inhabiting it is.

He is a massive elitist and overall dickhead in aspects of his morals and behavior; he won't talk to citizens who aren't of upper class, for instance, and genuinely believes that defectives and rebels are less than a person, and more of objects and animals that deserve little pity or mercy since their pak coding is corrupted. This also includes anyone who isn't Irken, with the exception of FEW business contacts who are of Vortian descent. ( Yes, he is a racist, there you go. I have to be realistic to what an Irken higher up would be for the Empire peeps )

So while yes, I'll admit he's an asshole ( as most of my bbs are ), he does have some good things to him - fiercely loyal to the Empire and his soldiers, willing to put his life on the line for one of them if it comes down to it - especially his Elites.

When his pak ISN'T fully in 'campaign' mode and activated, he enjoys classy things like relaxing in his estate, attending theater shows, shopping, and other high society shit, like balls. Mhm. This is very rare though - his military coding is almost always active, indicated by the glowing General chip installed on the frontal lobe - hey hey.

Let me stress again he IS old, by Irken standards he's definitely in his 50's - but Irkens don't show age the way humans do. ;) Korr and Jasper were only teenagers when they first met him, even then, he was still well into adulthood. Eventually I'll sketch up the short comic I've had in my head forever of these guys - military shenanigans and all.

He genuinely is the last person you want to run into on the field if you aren't on the Empire's side - this goes for rebels, aliens, anything of the like. He isn't only in charge of decimating species on foreign planets, he also reclaims planets from rebels for the Empire. <D

Due to the nature of this guy it is extremely unlikely I'd roleplay him unless the characters he's interacting with were civilians, military themselves - he'd kill or arrest almost every rebel, so its hard for me to imagine that being fun for other people. He also isn't a mercenary, so there'd be no reason for him to individually pursue anyone. That's his Elite's jobs. OH YEAH all that fancy stuff on his antennae - he actually has hearing aids installed inside of his scythes, as over time being around explosions constantly takes a toll on your ability to hear correctly. Poor bb

I have a love hate for this guy because it's hard to say if he's good or evil in general. =u= Hmhm
In The Isle

When a hyper rex shows up you're done for

I can only imagine how much more terrifying they'll be when you play as a human.
royal acro skin
Skin concept for The Isle. I want a damn steam key so I can grab the dev kit and actually make skins.

Not sure how I feel about this one, but I kind of like it? I really don't know. I'm on the fence. I like the bright orange and lack of symmetry in the markings.

If you can't tell I'm a sucker for acrocanthosaurus

The Isle belongs to Dondi

Honest critique is fine - keep in mind that the lack of texture/detail is due to the fact that these are just concepts and on a 3d model you'd already have the textures of the model to work with, aka scales/scars/etc.

I always imagined male dinosaurs have some sort of bright markings on their heads/crests/parts of their bodies to attract mates and for territorial displays, similar to modern day birds. This is just my opinion. I think the orange and green contrast well
agora 1
old as hell. over a year old, i'll never get down to finishing it since i just like scribbling setting concepts.

Agora is a really big island with more than one major city - I'll have to do a map of Agora eventually with the four major cities it has, and the countless towns and villages...
How hard do you cry when you realize you've been working on a commission and you drew on the wrong layer for a fucking hour *sob*
Raven by Murd3r3r
Can I just say how frustrating it is when artists complain about not getting attention/views/comments/favorites

Do you realize how bad that sounds to complain about that? Are you really that insecure about your work that you feel the amount of attention it gets verdicts if it is or isn't good?

Just a firm kick in the ass - if you don't believe in yourself it'll make shit ten times worse.

If you compare yourself to other artists - you'll never be happy

So stop that shit. Nip it in the bud. the ONLY reason you would worry as an artist for not generating a lot of views is if it keeps your bills paid - and that's not the case for 99% of us.

Just. Idk. So many sad/negative journals latley about this subject. Stop it.

Stop beating yourself up. Keep practicing and market yourself.

Sincerely, someone who used to be really down on themselves. It accomplishes nothing.


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